Program Updates

Product Care Ontario Solvent Fee Suspension Continues through 2022

Product Care Ontario solvent program members were entitled to a fee refund beginning in 2020 using surplus funds from Stewardship Ontario (“SO”).

In June 2021, Product Care announced the transition, without interruption, from the SO surplus fee refund, to a suspension of EHFs for Ontario solvents using existing ON solvent reserve funds. The Ontario solvent fee suspension period was subsequently extended to December 31, 2021.

Product Care is pleased to inform Ontario solvent members that the fee suspension for Ontario solvents will continue through the 2022 calendar year, using Ontario solvent reserve funds. Product Care will monitor the financing of the ON solvent program, including new requirements under the HSP Regulation, and provide sufficient advance notice to members if the fee suspension period will be reduced or extended.

EHF reporting required in order to be entitled to ON solvent fee suspension.

Please note that:

1. Entitlement to the ON solvent “fee suspension” requires regular reporting by the member of ON solvent sales/supply through the Product Care Environmental Handling Fees (EHF) reporting portal.

2. When ON solvent sales are reported by a member, the report is reviewed by the Product Care accounting department for confirmation, and then a credit memo is issued and emailed to the member for the amount of the ON solvent EHFs otherwise payable by the member, and then the system updates the member’s EHF statement showing the application of the ON solvent EHF credit.

3. Members who file incomplete or late reports may not be entitled to the ON solvent fee credits.

No fee recovery during fee suspension period.

Although previously prohibited under the Product Care Industry Stewardship Plan, the new HSP Regulation does allow “resource recovery charges” to be identified by an HSP producer on invoices etc, subject to the specific requirements of the HSP regulation. However, during the ON Solvent fee suspension period, HSP producers are not in fact incurring any resource recovery charges for that product and so no resource recovery charges should be charged at any point in the supply chain. The Product Care policy provides that any incorrectly charged resource recovery charges must be returned to the customer, and otherwise remitted to Product Care to be applied to program costs.

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